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June 16,2019

How To Blow Dry Your Hair Like A Pro


Regardless of how long your hair is, the struggle to dry it remains the same. Some days even the shortest hair may sometimes retain water for hours making it difficult to achieve a sleek blowout. However, it is possible to achieve the best blow in Dubai from the comfort of your own home with just a few simple steps and the right tools.

Here’s how to blow dry your hair like a pro in your own home!

Use the right equipment!

A good quality hair dryer is one of the secrets to a good blowout. For best results, use a dryer that is at least 1800 watts with heat and speed control to ensure that you can adjust the settings as you go.

The brush you use is equally important as it helps determine your style. Use a round barrel brush if you want some curls, and a flat paddle brush for sleek, straight hair. To give your hair natural waves and body, use your barrel and dry your hair in three-inch sections, twirling the hair as you go. As you twirl, make sure to twirl the front pieces away from your face, not towards it.

Apply Product

To achieve a perfect blowout, a good styling product is necessary if you have very fine, limp hair, it will add a little body to it. If your hair is thick and curly, it will keep the frizz at bay. Apply product to damp hair, distributing it evenly throughout your hair also use a heat protecting spray, to shield your hair before blow drying it. The goal is to get your hair about 75 to 80 percent dry before styling it.

Separate Hair into Sections

As one of the best hair stylists in Dubai, we recommend that you divide your hair into sections and secure it with hair clips before you begin blow drying it. If your hair is very thick or heavy, divide each section into a bottom and top layer and use a wider barrel to help manage it. Use the concentrator nozzle on your hairdryer along with a paddle brush to assist with the flow, start at the roots, pull your fingers through your hair, hold few inches while using the dryer to dry the section, and then cover it with your dried front sections. We recommend sitting down or using a table for support, so your arms don’t get tired out before you’re done blow-drying.

Lock in the Style

The last step is to go through each section, pulling the hair taut setting the style with cool air from your dryer. Repeat through each section and finish with hairspray or a serum to create more shine and achieve a beautiful, shiny, healthy look.

It takes practice to achieve a flawless look, but in time you’ll get more comfortable and become better at it. Visit Ricci Capricci beauty salon for professional and best hair blow-dry in Dubai, done by some of the best hair stylist in Dubai. Call us today to book an appointment.

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