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August 18,2019

How to Do Party Makeup

How to Do Party Makeup | Ricci Capricci Beauty Salon Dubai

You’re guaranteed to have about 1,000 times more fun at a party when you look your best. For a night out, your makeup should reflect sophistication and effortlessness, whether you’re feeling daring or want something more subtle. But before you apply your makeup, decide on the outfit to wear, so that you can select the best makeup to use.

For more tips on how to do party makeup, keep on reading.

•  Start with amazing skin.

Regardless of whether or not you wear makeup, taking care of your skin especially before a party will make you look your best. A lot of makeup artists in Dubai recommended starting with a mask of your choosing. After which you rinse it off with the coldest water you can handle to wake you up and depuff the eyes a little. Follow immediately with a face oil, massaging it into your skin to leave it soft and smooth.

•  Use a bit of eye cream.

Using a bit of eye cream, right after your moisturizer will help to plump up fine lines, smooth out wrinkles, and make the application of concealer much easier.

•  Pick one feature to dramatize.

It’s possible to pull off a strong eye and strong lip at the same time, but it’s quite risky and if done poorly, can look like there’s a lot going on, or worse have you looking like a clown. So, to avoid that, pick either the eyes or lips as the focus. For example, if you’re doing a smoky eye, use a neutral shade of lipstick or gloss on your lips. And if you’re wearing a bold lipstick color, use soft colors on the eyes.

•  Use your regular tinted moisturizer/foundation.

Whatever your skin is comfortable in and looks good in pictures in—is the way to go. You can be as intense or as soft as you’d like. Start with a little, and layer and blend as needed using a foundation brush for an incredible, refined and beautiful finish.

•  Make sure your concealer is not too light.

The best way to do this is to apply it under your eyes and then pat to blend. Too-light concealer can sometimes look pasty in person or pictures so try to avoid it.

•  A dramatic lip provides and easy instant-glam look.

Choose red, the classic the shade that fits almost everyone and every ethnicity.

When applying the lipstick, use a lip liner for longevity and to give you more control. Applying straight from the tube is a great too, but you’ll definitely reapply more often.

•  Use scented cream

Now this is just a bonus tip unrelated to makeup but just as important. For the final step, we recommend using scented body lotion, to leave you smelling and feeling fantastic. Scents like jasmine, vanilla, lavender and rose are popular classic picks that you’ll come back to again and again. Apply it all over your body followed by a light perfume or fragrance and you’re set for the night.

As Ricci Capricci is one of the best makeup salon in Dubai, we offer casual, bridal and party makeup, so if you’re still unsure about what makeup will be right for you and your skin type, we’d love to help you out. Call or visit us today to book an appointment.

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